Olaplex vs. Kerastase


Want to turn straw to silk without the help of a Fairy Godmother? Read on to find out how. 

Those of you who know me, know that I swear by Olaplex. I'm one who refuses to have lightener touch my hair without the aid of this magical additive. However, I've been asked the question many times in the salon: 'Which is better? Olaplex or a Kerastase treatment?' This is my chance to dive a little deeper in explaining the benefits of both and clearing up the enormous difference between the two. 


 If you do your research on Olaplex (which I strongly recommend), it will tell you that it 'reconnects the broken disulfide bonds in your hair'. But what does that actually mean to someone outside of the industry? Simple answer: Breakage!!!  The chemicals in colour, bleach and perms which make our hair so beautiful, unfortunately also break down the bonds in our hair (the 'glue' that keeps our hair strong and healthy). This also happens to those of us who are addicted to thermal tools!!

Olaplex is the new saving grace for those whose hair just doesn't seem to like being chemically treated (Myself included). When added to an in-salon chemical service, Olaplex starts repairing the bonds before the chemical has a chance to wear them down. Thus saving the integrity of your hair. It can also be used for post chemical/thermal damaged hair in a treatment form where it's applied in-salon, at the sink and at which point would begin to rebuild the structure of hair that's already been broken down. The take home treatment is designed to help maintain and continue to restructure your hair until your next in-salon chemical visit. 


The Fusio-Dose treatments are highly-concentrated conditioning serums that are customizable to your hair concerns. (Nothing to do with bond-rebuilding!!) They tackle primary issues you may have such as thinning hair, weak/brittle hair, prolonging colour/shine and moisture renewal. All treatments come with a 'booster' to address your secondary concerns which makes Fusio-Dose so customizable to each individual. All are specifically formulated to get under the cuticle of the hair and work from the inside-out. This may not sound exciting to you but when you find out that so many 'treatments' on the market (Moroccan oil being a major one) simply coat the hair on the outside to achieve the silky-soft hair you want. It's nice to know that there is a real treatment out there that's giving you silky-soft hair that won't wash away with your next shampoo. 

My experience

I've had the pleasure of being blonde a couple of times. Once without Olaplex and once with Olaplex. The time without Olaplex my hair broke so much I had to shave the sides of my hair off. Lucky for me, the 'shaved look' was in style and lucky for me, I work in an industry where a Mohawk isn't frowned upon. After that I vowed I'd never go blonde again. But here I am, (half)blonde with healthy growing hair!! All thanks to Olaplex. I should also mention that I have horse hair on my head.... not literally, but the same texture. It's thick and coarse and doesn't flow in the wind like Disney makes me think it should. My hair does NOT like bleach, now that's not saying your hair will fall off if you don't use Olaplex. Everyone's different. Your hair might not like colour or perms or being flat ironed.. THAT'S where Olaplex comes in.

I've had a few Kerastase treatments since starting at The Loft as well. HELLO DISNEY HAIR!!! My hair which normally feels and moves like straw turned to hair that was silk. It felt healthy and was shiny and soft for the first time ever and lasted for weeks!

Think of it as building a house. Olaplex strengthens the foundation of the house, and Fusio-Dose acts as the siding, protecting the house from the elements. Two completely different components, but both are needed to construct something strong and sturdy. 

Conclusion: I keep telling clients that "Olaplex is preventative and Kerastase is restorative". But while that may be the simple explanation it's not quite accurate. Olaplex tackles one issue but one HUGE issue: breakage!!! It doesn't act as a conditioner and won't leave your hair feeling as soft as Fusio-Dose.  Kerastase however tackles all the other issues like maintaining colour, adding density and protein and leaves your hair feeling conditioned and hydrated. 

If you're still unsure with which treatment to ask for, consult with your stylist and they'll help decide what the best choice is for you. Or if you really can't decide and you have the time, why not get both done?! They do such completely different things in improving your hair, it will never be so thankful (and healthy). 

Kayla J is a hair stylist at The Loft.