Dry hair? We care!

Ever feel like you’re LITERALLY grasping at straws whenever you touch your hair? Do you feel like your hair CONSTANTLY needs to be moisturized or replenished, even though you have just washed and conditioned it? Dry hair has been one of the main concerns I have experienced with clients, which is why I’m no stranger to this dilemma. If you’re interested in finding out how you can help your hair go from thirsty to Sasha Fierce smooth (because who wouldn’t want their hair to be the Beyoncé of hairs), read on!

Ask for an Olaplex Treatment.

When receiving ANY kind of colour service that involves bleach (like colour corrections, highlights, babylights, ombres, balayage, even the infamous streaks… you name it!)—you NEED to inquire about having Olaplex used for your hair. (Lucky you, The Loft is an Olaplex salon!) Olaplex is key in preventing major damage to your hair, and dryness IS one of the issues you’ll face if you choose to skip Olaplex. However, keep in mind that the main purpose of Olaplex is to prevent major damage to your hair while undergoing the bleaching process. Using Olaplex can be seen as providing a solid base for your hair to retain its softness, but it is up to you to maintain its health… with the help of your stylist, of course!

Olaplex also has an at-home treatment that you can purchase called Olaplex No. 3, which is a once-a-week after service treatment you can use to prolong the longevity of the Olaplex treatment’s effects.

Provide your hair with solid heat protection.

Even if you have beautiful, long virgin hair you may experience dryness. When you walk out in the sun, do you notice your hair feeling frizzier? Let’s connect that scenario to when you use heat on your hair. The heat your straightener, blowdryer, and curling iron create is directly used on your hair, which is why it only makes sense that your hair would end up feeling dryer or frizzier after using heat tools, and over time it can lead to damage without the aid of thermal styling products. I’d recommend using thermal styling products such as the Nectar Thermique and the Ciment Thermique by Kerastase. These pre-blowdry products help your hair fight breakage and frizziness, while protecting your hair from heat. If you’re not the kind of person who blowdries your hair, I’d still recommend using these products as a leave-in for your damp hair, in case you choose to style your (already dry) hair later on.

Another product I would suggest when styling dry hair with heat tools is the Style Lab: Straight Spray by Living Proof, which is a heat-activated spray that blocks humidity, adds shine; and most importantly, protects your hair from heat. The difference between heat-protected hair versus hair that has no protection at all is visible when it comes to dryness, which is why using the right protection (this applies to other things too…) is a MUST. Make sure to stop by The Loft if any of the products mentioned above interest you!

Skip the wash, use dry shampoo.

This is important, especially for the ladies out there with the long manes. It may seem like washing your hair is a good go-to when your hair feels dry, NEWS FLASH—it isn’t! Washing your hair often increases your chances for dryer hair. This doesn’t make sense to some who are foreign to the wonders of limited hair washing, so I’ll explain why. Washing your hair everyday dries out the oils from your scalp. “But if I don’t wash my hair, my scalp will feel oily!” Girl, this is where the wonder of dry shampoo comes in. The Loft carries the best dry shampoo out there, and it’s the Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo by Living Proof. By using dry shampoo, you are buying your hair more time to allow your scalp’s natural oils to lubricate your ends. This works because dry shampoo simply cleans the dirt from your scalp that would cause your hair to feel either itchy or greasy, while allowing your ends to catch up with the oil from your scalp. It may seem shocking to some of you, but trust me, your ends will thank you for skipping that wash!

Dust those ends!

Instead of saying “Just a trim, please!” every two months or however long you meet with your stylist, I would recommend getting your hair dusted every four to six weeks to prevent breakage. Dusting is like a micro-trim, which basically only gets rids of the future split ends your hair is going to create. Split ends definitely contribute to the dryness that you feel in your hair, so make sure to set up a routine dusting-session with your stylist!

Tone down on the heat tools.

I know, some of you are probably already screaming “My hair NEEDS to be straightened/curled!” Luckily for you, there are millions of heatless styles that you can do to style your hair! To be more specific, try experimenting with braids. There are tons of braids out there for all kinds of hair, so don’t worry about your hair not suiting them. Check out our blog  Braid Tips for some braiding ideas. Constantly using heat on your hair, no matter how much you try to protect it, will still cause damage gradually over time, especially if you already have dry hair. Give your hair some days off from the heat tools to let it heal and replenish itself.

Kérastase Treatments. Period.

If you haven’t experienced a Kérastase Fusio Dose treatment yet, then you better be on your way to The Loft—pronto! Kérastase Fusio Dose treatments are in-salon treatments that we use after shampooing hair, which replaces your conditioner during the wash. The Nourishment Base (Concentré Oléo-Fusion) and Nourishment Booster from the Fusio Dose Treatments are a MUST for dry hair! Fusio Dose treatments are highly concentrated, deep conditioning treatments that last up to 4-6 weeks, and its Nourishment Line is one that specifically tackles your hair’s dryness out of the Fusio Dose treatments. A bonus from this treatment is that it leaves your hair feeling goddess-like, so you’ll be flipping Aphrodite-like hair in no time! If you’re interested in knowing the difference between getting a Kérastase Treatment and an Olaplex Treatment, I suggest that you check out The Loft’s post Kérastase vs Olaplex.

By following these steps, your hair will be forever grateful and so will you! If you’re interested in beginning your journey to soft, luscious hair that even the Kardashians would be jealous of, you’re always welcome to stop by The Loft and consult with any of our talented stylists. We’ll make sure to welcome you with open arms and mimosas.

Bea Requerme is a Hair Stylist at The Loft Salon in Winnipeg.