Love your curls!

Curly hair can be unruly, wild and hard to tame but here are a couple tips to help you out when styling your curls.

1) Apply products wet
Most products will tell you to apply to towel dried hair, this is not the case with curly hair. It is best to put your products in while you’re hair is soaking wet. Curls love and need moisture to stay bouncy and looking beautiful with no frizz, so avoid the towel! (Towel = Frizz) The best thing to do is bring your products in the shower with you and before you get out, apply the product then and there. Once the product is in you can softly crunch the ends so you’re not making too big of a mess but you want to keep your head as wet as possible until you’re ready to style.

2 ) Use a diffuser
A diffuser is a big round circular disc attachment for your blowdryer. It distributes the airflow to help give your hair more curls and less frizz. For the best results use the lower heat option, flip your head upside down and take your time on each section you take. It can be time consuming depending on your amount of hair but looks amazing once you make it through!

3) Wide tooth comb
When combing or detangling your hair, please please do not use a brush. Use a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom and working your way up the hair shaft. This will prevent breakage and help preserve the shape of your curls.

4) Don’t touch!
I know this is a hard one but its a must if you want to keep your curls looking beautiful. Once you start to touch them, your curls will lose their shape and become frizzy and we don’t want that!

5) Deep condition/Treatment
It is super important for any hair type to get a regular deep condition or treatment but especially important for curly hair. Like I’ve mentioned before, curls need moisture to survive so at least once a month put on an over night mask or ask your stylist about moisturizing treatments available to you. Your curls will thank you!

Bonus overnight tip!
If you want to get some extra Zs in the morning but still want fabulous curls, shower or wet down hair, apply products and use the “plopping” method! I know it sounds ridiculous but it works! What you do is lay out a cotton tshirt on your bed and flip your head upside down on the bottom part of shirt then take the sleeves and pull them towards the base of your neck, criss cross the sleeves and pull them in front of you and tie just above your forehead. After a good night's rest, untie the front and let your curls fall loose!

Brittany Peltz is a hairstylist at The Loft Salon * Spa * Bar in Winnipeg.

Natural curls styled by Brittany at The Loft

Natural curls styled by Brittany at The Loft

Natural curls styled by Van at The Loft

Natural curls styled by Van at The Loft

by Brittany Peltz

The Loft Salon • Spa • Bar, 111 Fort Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 1C7