Professional Products - Are they worth it?

As a hairstylist, there is nothing more painful than finding out your client washes their hair with 'whatever's in the shower.' To us, this means they probably have some Herbal Essences/Head and Shoulders all-in-one concoction from the drugstore that is going to destroy the hair colour we just spent the last 3 hours doing. 

The Loft stylist Kayla J explains why professional products are where it's at. 

The Loft stylist Kayla J explains why professional products are where it's at. 

We care about your hair and the condition it's in just as much as you do. We recommend certain products for your hair regime because they help. They keep our mind at ease when you leave the salon, knowing you are using top-of-the-line products until we have you back in our chair. 

You get what you pay for
Products bought from drugstores are maybe at a lower price point, but have you ever asked yourself why? It's a pretty simple explanation. Unlike salon quality products, a drugstore shampoo may claim to have 'high end' ingredients... but the amount of that high end ingredient is generally so diluted with chemicals and a whole lot of bad fillers that it voids the small percentage of the good stuff that you think you're actually buying. These fillers are meant to make your hair feel soft and add shine, moisture, body... But what they're actually doing is creating a barrier on your hair. What you're feeling when you run your fingers through your hair is more or less a waxy coating designed to cover up the real problem. Under that coating your actual hair is drying out, becoming more brittle and has been stripped of all its natural oils and that gorgeous colour you came into the salon for has just washed down the drain along with a bunch of sulfates. In turn, you'll be calling the salon for an appointment way sooner to get a touch-up than if you went home with the colour safe shampoo we recommended. So is it really cheaper to use Fructis? 

Get to the root of the problem
Behind the chair, I hear "My hair is so dry, my hair is frizzy", "My colour faded a lot", "My ends are breaking off". My follow up question will always be "What products are you using at home?" All of those problems can be fixed at home with the right prescription of quality hair products. No, I don't want you to go out and buy a $4 hair mask from Walmart. Why? Because it's not going to do anything!!! I want you to go home with this mask that I'm telling you about. Why? Because I know it works! I know it's not going to mask the problem. Instead, it's going to help your specific hair issue from the inside out. 

Stand by your products
At The Loft we use three high end lines: Redken, Living Proof, and Kerastase. I'm very fortunate to be in a salon with so much education and with that comes a lot of product knowledge. We sit down with these brands and find out all the benefits, all the ingredients, the dos and don'ts of each and every product we carry. We know what your chemically damaged hair needs and it's a lot different than what your best friend's heat damaged hair needs. Interesting, hey? I stand by all the products I use on each and every one of you. I believe that sending you home with Kerastase's Nectar Thermique or Living Proof's Restore Conditioner will benefit and improve the condition of your hair. I recommend certain and specific products because I want to see you come back and be happy with how healthy your hair is. If your hair feels like straw, trust me, no one's happy. Not you, not me, not your hair, and definitely not the guy who wants to run his hands through it after a first date. 

Think of it this way: would you wash your face with a bar of Irish Spring and skip all the cleansers, face masks, moisturizers and eye creams? Hopefully not. So please please please don't do it to your hair!!

Kayla J is a hair stylist at The Loft Salon • Spa • Bar in Winnipeg, MB.