Braid Tips

Braids are by far my favourite way to style my clients hair, simply because they're so versatile! I'm loving how the media is making them a huge trend right now through popular shows like Game of Thrones, or in movies like the Hunger Games and my new fave Disney movie Frozen, haha! They're an easy trend to keep up with if you follow some of these tips:

1. Don't complicate things.

Some of the prettiest braids are the easiest to achieve; the herringbone braid (also known as a fishtail and shown below) believe it or not is simple to create. If you currently have difficulty braiding then try this one out; Instead of working with three sections, a herringbone braid only has two sections.You hold one section in each hand and just cross a small piece of hair from each section from one side to the other. Easy peesy!  :)

2. It doesn't have to be perfect.

If my braids aren't always perfect, it is likely yours won't be either. But that's okay! I personally think messy braids can look much better. They give off a more boho appearance and tend to look less childish. 

3. Dirty hair is a stylist's dirty secret. 

Braids look better and are easier to achieve with dirty/gritty/textured hair, seriously though! If hair is too clean and feels soft, it is likely that it won't hold and will fall out. If a client comes to me with clean hair and is seeking a braid, I will spray their hair with a texture spray to add some grit and mess it up first.

TIP: On those days when you haven't washed your hair in a while, spray some Living Proof Dry Shampoo on your roots and braid the rest. 

4. Experiment.

Some of the coolest styles I've done have happened by accident. I'm always practicing and playing around on mannequins or friends. Just have fun with it and I'm sure you'll find new ways to twist up your tresses too!

Bran McNeil is a hair stylist at The Loft Salon in Winnipeg.