The #1 (free) thing you can do for dry skin

If you have dry, flaky winter skin, this post might just change your life! 

If you're like most people, you probably wonder why it is that you buy great moisturizers, spend tons of money on skincare products and still have flaky skin that is only magnified when you put on makeup like foundation and blush. Well, we want to share with you a secret that will make your moisturizer work 100x better. And the best part is that it's free, easy and you already have all the supplies you need. 

So here it is, the number one thing you can do for dry skin (drum roll, please):

Wet it!

Seems pretty obvious, doesn't it? But the problem, for the most part, is not the moisturizer you use. It's how you use it. When you put moisturizer on dry skin, you're basically just sealing in dryness. Your moisturizer might be great, but if it has no moisture to seal in, it won't do much. The next time you apply moisturizer, pat your face with water and then apply the cream. This also works for the rest of your body. When you get out of the shower, have your body moisturizer handy. Pat yourself gently with your towel first and then apply moisturizer right away. Splashing your face with cool or cold water helps reduce redness and tighten the skin. 

Here are a few more tips from The Loft Spa for keeping your skin soft and supple:

Cool down
Take warm showers, not hot ones. Hot water strips away the natural oils from your skin.

Moisturize more
We recommend moisturizing in the morning and before bed at night, being sure to splash water on your skin before each application. We can recommend a product for your skin type from our Image Skincare line. Come and see us for a consultation.

Use a humidifier in the main living spaces of your home to put some moisture in the air. Can't afford a humidifier? You can also put containers of water throughout your house, which will evaporate, putting more moisture into the air. 

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