Lob it!

Lobs by me, Van. 

Lobs by me, Van. 

Trend alert: Lobs are the latest length! This gorgeous cut may complete your Spring 2016 look! From Adele to Carrie to Ellie, the celebs are rocking this hot chop. 

Lob is a short name for a long bob. It’s a blunt cut with no layers, often no bangs, and about shoulder length. This hair cut can be straight across or angled. The lob pumps up the volume of your hair, making it look thicker and fuller. 

When you chop your hair to a lob, you remove all the dead ends and give your hair a chance to re-grow naturally. The effect of this look actually makes the area from your forehead to the neck look slimmer and longer. For those girls who have rounder faces and are short (like me) this is your best look! 

For colour, we're seeing a lot blonde balyage and baby lights with this look, which help to brighten up your face. 

Will you be chopping it to a lob this Spring? Book now with your favourite stylist at The Loft.