Feed your Hair

How many of you have heard that everything you put into your body comes out through your hair, skin, and nails?

Well, it is true. After reading the latest article on what to eat to have great hair, we have our next grocery list catered to well, what our hair would like to eat. Really though… how many avocados do I have to eat before I start feeling or seeing results. I eat guacamole as a bed time snack… bubble bath snack… watching your favourite Netflix Original snack. Eventually you find yourself whipping up fridge items into a masque and throwing it on your head while you binge watch. OK - lets just take a moment to picture all of the women around us with lathered raw egg, avocado with sour cream or mayonnaise wrapped up in their hair. The things we do for beauty. 

But for any treatment, natural or in-salon, we must ask ourselves if we are giving our hair what it needs. It’s like someone doing a face masque to remove blackheads when they have no blackheads. Pointless, right? And even worse you won’t see any results! We want results… and we want them ASAP!

Let’s break down the main hair goals we all have: no split ends, thicker hair, shinier hair, longer hair. How can we ensure we get the maximum length in the quickest time? If anyone has grown out her hair or are in the process of growing, I feel you! It’s torturous! Why does this take so long? Why can’t we go to the salon and leave with a hair-grow instead of a haircut? WHY?! And I don't mean extensions or weaves, I mean real out-of-the-scalp length and that’s only one goal! With length comes dryness and breakage so we’ll be tackling these hair concerns as well.

So, get out your grocery lists ladies, you've waited long enough!


Protein is the single most important nutrient for hair growth. Start with salmon. This fish is loaded with vitamin D and protein, which contains omega 3 fatty acid; it also keeps your scalp healthy to promote hair growth.

For all my veggie friends out there, you may need to look to alternative protein sources if your hair growth seems to be at a stand-still.

Shopping list: Meat, fish, eggs, soy, beans, quinoa.


If you seem to be losing a lot of hair, or it’s just not growing, you may be low on iron. It’s time to get all green and leafy! Spinach and kale are your best pals when it comes to iron intake. Also, red meats, liver and those egg yolks we talked about earlier.

Iron deficiencies can cause all sorts of health problems, so you may want to check in with your doc if you have the hair symptoms combined with fatigue or shortness of breath.

Shopping list: Red meat, liver, green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C

This powerful little vitamin helps your body absorb iron. Is there anything out there that has MORE vitamin C than oranges? YES! Yellow peppers, these guys are packing nearly 5 and a half times the amount of vitamin C as an orange does. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant that strengthens the hair shaft and hair follicles, but the big picture being it prevents breakage. Winner, winner... yellow peppers for dinner?

Shopping list: Peppers, citrus fruits, leafy greens.

Vitamin A

We've heard some of our guests liken their hair texture to that of hay. If you're one of those ladies, listen up! Vitamin A is important to the production of a natural oil produced by your hair follicles called Sebum. Sebum helps keep your hair shiny and healthy. So remember to add some A to your hay next time you eat!

Shopping list: Sweet potato, carrots, canteloupe.


Eggs, eggs, eggs. For all those people taking hair growth supplements for their biotin: well… the yolk in eggs contain biotin naturally! We like natural. But just so you are aware, it’s not the egg white that will make your hair grow long and gorgeous, eating too many egg whites can actually block the absorption of biotin into your body. Almonds also have a high dose of biotin and after a month or two of adding these into your diet you should be able to see the results.

Shopping list: Eggs, nuts, milk, whole grains


When you don't have enough of this mineral in your diet, you can experience hair loss, even in your eyelashes. Cells that build hair rely on zinc to help them work their hardest. Oysters are very rich in zinc. So the next time someone invites you to Buck-a-Shuck night. GO!!!

Shopping list: Oysters, beef, crab, lobster, nuts and dairy.


I know, carbs are supposed to be the enemy, but if you are on a low-carb or no-carb diet, you could be causing some serious growth slowing. When you go on very restrictive diets, your body goes into a stress mode. Many of your follicles will stop growing hair in the stressful state. You may not notice the change right away though. It could be months after the diet that you notice your hair isn’t growing or is falling out.

Shopping list: Whole grain bread and pasta, fruit, popcorn, potatoes, dairy, rice.

So, basically, eating for healthy hair is about balance. You need a good mix of vitamins, nutrients and proteins to grow a great head of hair.

Now that you’re a fully educated hair guru, tell your friends, have a girls’ night in, enjoy the fact that you can eat your hair masks, Although, I don't advise these activities done in the same moment ;) unless it is for a cute Insta post. What would a cute caption be for that one? Did we all just imagine the monkeys: Hear no breakage, see no split ends, speak your secret? Ha, ha, ha? Ok. I’ll leave the captions up to you.

And ladies, always remember to feed your hair. XO