Cracked lips

Lip Service


We can all agree that with every Winnipeg winter & spring comes dry lips! Often times, leaving us with peeling skin that can sometimes crack and bleed. Ouch!

I've experienced this scenario every year of my life and I am proud to say I've found the answer to my problem and it's called "Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex" from the Ormedic line by Image Skincare. This ultra-hydrating product will produce 40% more moisture with repeated use, all while enhancing the appearance and volume of your lip contours (Exhibit A: My soft and smooth lips pictured above). I'm absolutely in love with this paraben free lip complex and its anti-aging benefits, so I wanted to share this with you so we can start this journey together!

If you want to try this amazing product, come check it out at The Loft. Your lips will thank you!

Kaleigh is an esthetician at The Loft in Winnipeg.