What Is a Colour Correction?

A colour correction in the salon world is wanting an extreme change or having an unfortunate experience with a hair colour. There are two common colour corrections, going from dark hair to much lighter hair or light hair to very dark hair. Colour corrections can also be used to get rid of unwanted yellow or brassy tones. Everyone`s hair is different, therefore every single colour correction process is different.

What Happens in a Color Correction?

Colour corrections can sometimes be done all in one day but often need multiple colour services done over a period of weeks or months. To achieve your desired colour in one day it depends on current colour, desired color, your hair's porosity and how much time was booked for the service, which can sometimes take up to a whole day of work. Sometimes it is best to do a colour correction in a few sittings to prevent damage to the hair. You may not leave the salon with the desired colour in one sitting but it will give your hair time to recover from one lightening process rather than trying to fit several processes in one sitting which can be very damaging to your hair. When going from dark to light we use lightener (what is known as "bleach"). This de-colourizes the hair while another colour or toner will need to be used after to put colour back into the hair. Unfortunately, while using lightener not only does the colour come out, so does the protein, which can leave the hair fragile and dry. To help protect the porosity of your hair, we would suggest a Protein Kerastase Treatment to help put some of the protein removed by the lightener back into the hair.

When going from light to dark instead of just putting a color we will need to fill the hair first with an in between colour. This prevents the colour from becoming muddy or green.

How much does it cost?

There is no set price for a colour correction. Stylists charge anywhere from 100-200 per hour, depending on their experience. The cost of the service reflects the amount of colour used and time spent on a client's hair. 

Hair can be too damaged to colour correct due to conditions of the hair and may need a cut, extreme conditioning and rehydration rehabilitation prior to any colour correcting service. The number of visits to salon can not always be determined until the first process is started. It is important to take your stylist's recommendations on protecting your hair. We want to not only achieve your desired colour but also to make sure your hair is healthy!

Best of Fest

It's time to get all criss cross-y! Braiding season has arrived! Whether you're getting all dressed up to go to grad or a wedding, or getting ready to play and let loose at the beach or a summer festival, braids are the perfect summer style. 

Braids are huge right now and almost everyone can wear them, from short bobs to long tresses, braids are for almost everyone.

We love a huge, loose backwards braid, completed with flowers or a fun head band for an outdoor festival, where you want that careless look but also want your locks to stay put. 

For grads and weddings, a braid can be the perfect style, from formal, neat and sleek to loose, toussled and pretty.

If you are heading out for a few days to a summer festival, be sure to ask your stylist how to make your style last. We are happy to do a dry shampoo demo to be sure your style lasts from the first mellow band to the last moonlit dance.  

The summer season is booking up quickly, so be sure to book a style for all your events today. 

The Loft Rewards - Launch Party

We are so excited to finally announce our new Rewards Program! We love our guests so much that we want to reward you for every dollar you spend in the salon!

And to start the program off with a bang, we're throwing a party at the salon to celebrate! 

April 26, 2016
4:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.

Here are a few reasons to come down:

Sign up
Sign up for Rewards at the front desk and you will receive your Rewards card and 1000 bonus points! 

Bring a friend
Bring a friend who is new to the salon and get a whopping 5000 bonus points!!

Get Gorgeous
We have various Beauty Bars throughout the salon, so get pampered!

  • Brow Bar - brow arching and make-up touch-ups 
  • Nail Bar - sample nail art from our nail artists
  • Hairapy Bar - talk to a stylist about your hair concerns 
  • Tool bar - need to update your hot tools? Try them here 
  • Braid Bar - get a cute trendy braid

Shop ‘til you drop
EVERYTHING is on sale! Take advantage and stock up. 

BUY 1 product - 10% off    
BUY 2 products - 20% off
BUY 3 products - 30% off


Space is limited, so please RSVP to:
info@theloftwinnipeg.com or 204.942.7387