Gerald Pankiw

Owner / Stylist

His passion for hair fueling a successful career in the industry, Gerald became the owner of The Loft in 2015. Known for his honest, straightforward consultations, he is always up for a challenge, from simply growing out bangs to transforming box-colour black to an ashy blonde. With over 17 years of experience, Gerald loves creating natural styles à la Victoria's Secret, with balayage and classic highlights among his favourite looks. He enjoys spending time at the cottage, traveling and furthering his education at top salons across North America.

Spirit animal: Dolores from The Cranberries
Favourite food: Table fries (AKA Fries with gravy on the side, shared by the table)
Nickname: Jerryboy because it was my first hotmail account name. It stuck!

@geraldpankiw on Instagram